Top benefits of working with local Melbourne Shopfitters

Whether you own a bar, retail store, showroom, hair salon, restaurant or café, medical centre or a commercial office space, all businesses, venues and establishments at one point or another will seek the services of shopfitters. However, it isn’t always best to seek help outside your immediate locality. There are some major advantages of working with a local shopfitting company that all businesses can take benefit from.

So, what exactly are the benefits of hiring Melbourne shopfitters for your new shopfitting project? Continue reading to find out. Hopefully, when you’re done, you’ll consider hiring a local company as opposed to one that doesn’t service the local area.

1. Locals have contacts with the right tradespeople

Shopfitting is a huge project which involves handling different kinds of tradespeople and materials. By hiring local Melbourne shopfitters, you’ll get the benefit of tapping into their pool of tradespeople as well. Local shopfitters can manage the entire project for you and they’ll be your only point of contact.

2. Hiring local shopfitters is cheaper

Not too surprisingly, hiring local Melbourne shopfitters is certainly cheaper than hiring someone from interstate or outside your immediate locality. This is because locals won’t add travelling expenses to their quote. You’re more likely to get your fitout project completed for less if you hire locals.

3. Hiring a local company creates a sense of community

Reputed local Melbourne shopfitters,  have a community presence in our city. When you hire us, people will associate you with having supported the local area. This works on both a conscious and subconscious level on the minds of customers in your benefit.

4. Local shopfitters live nearby

This may seem obvious, but by hiring local Melbourne shopfitters, you get the benefits of them living nearby. They’ll get to work easily, create workplace friendships and provide ready replacements if the need be.

5. Melbourne shopfitters are talented

And, if you’re worried about the talent level of local Melbourne shopfitters, then don’t. At Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, we specialise in all kinds of commercial fitouts. We have a talented team of shopffitters, who have years of experience in all areas of shopffitng.

Find out more about our expertise here or contact us to find out how we can help you today!

Please note: For transparency, Xtreme Shopfitting and Joinery are not based in Melbourne; however we have completed numerous fitouts in region. As such, we have built strong bonds with local trades and have a strong grasp of the shopfitting design styles showcased around the city and across greater Melbourne. Our team of shopfitters are equipped to travel and re-locate for all fitout projects and will remain in Melbourne until a project is complete.

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