Sydney Shop fitting trends for 2017

Like time and many other things, fitout design trends change time and again. Whether it is a fitout for a hotel or an office space, trends are always on the move. While this is a hindrance for business owners, it certainly works great for architects, interior designers and of course, shopfitters such as myself.

If you’re a Sydney business owner, you’ll need to pay attention to your fitout design. Whether you own a café/restaurant, retail outlet, office, hotel or supermarket, your fitout must never become stale or outdated.

An outdated fitout will give a poor impression to customers and can cost you dearly. To avoid this, you must keep up with the latest Sydney shop fitting trends. If the need be, invest in a shopfitter and redo your fitout partly or completely.

Continue reading this article as I explain the hottest shop fitting trends for Sydney cafes, offices, hotels, retail outlets and supermarkets in 2017. These are coming to you straight from a shopfitter with over 30 years of experience, so listen up!

Retail shop fitting trends

Lately, retail shop fitting has been seeing some new trends. For instance, I’ve noticed that more and more shopfitters around the world are raising the roof or ceiling in fitouts. Doing so helps create atmosphere, increases aesthetic appeal and generates a subconscious sense of freedom within customers. In turn, customers feel relaxed and spend more in a store.

Another upcoming trend is that retailers are embracing technology more, introducing electronic displays and tablets within their stores. Tablets and electronic displays are small in size, therefore freeing up valuable floor space. In-store advertising is another area where tablets and electronic displays are being used extensively.

If you’re thinking of hiring a Sydney shop fitting company for your retail fitout, look no further than Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. Retail shop fitting is one of our areas of expertise and we have successfully implemented fitouts all over Australia. We offer end-to-end shopfitting services and handle fitouts of all sizes.

Office shop fitting trends

Of all the various shopfitting projects I’ve handled in my career, I’ve seen trends change the fastest in office fitouts. With advancements in technology and changes in economy, this is one sector which is always on the move.

Lately, I’ve noticed that corporate offices have been designing workplaces with employees in mind. Open, flexible office spaces are increasingly becoming the norm. This is because such spaces encourage collaboration. Employees get to choose how and when to work and privacy is ensured via small enclosed glass cubicles.

Social interaction is also something that companies will be paying more attention to in 2017. Offices all over the world are including social spaces, relaxation areas, breakout zones and games rooms in workplaces. Such areas promote social interaction and make employees more productive and innovative.

When it comes to interiors and finishes, modern offices try and be as vibrant and creative as possible. Gone are the days of traditional single coloured walls. Today, you’ll see more murals, graphic prints, bold patterns, exquisite furniture, unique glass partitions and other structural elements used.

If you have an office space to fit out, consider a reputed Sydney shop fitting company such as Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. We excel in creating custom office fitouts that can maximise your business’s potential. We offer complete fitout services and we’ve successfully completed several office fitouts in Sydney.

Café/Restaurant shop fitting trends

Cafes and restaurants are another sector where ideas keep brimming up constantly. Traditionally, most restaurants and cafes looked to offer a plush, rich dining environment. But all that seems to be changing now.

2017 will bring about many changes in café/restaurant shop fitting. For starters, many restaurants and cafes have begun adopting a distressed and recycled look. Exposed ambiance and organic and natural interiors are also becoming very popular. Themes are also gaining popularity with restaurants and cafes. Sydney already has a number of quirky themed cafes.

I’ve also noticed an increasing focus on communal tables and extra seating in cafes and restaurants. This kind of a layout encourage social conversation and makes customers spend more time. If you’d like to adopt this strategy for your café or restaurant, I recommend that you also keep a few smaller tables for people who’d like to have a private time.

However, one of the biggest trends is the shift towards living room designs. Most of these trends tend to hint that restaurant and café owners want to provide a more open, natural and comfortable experience to customers.

Café and restaurant fitouts are specialised jobs which must only be carried out by top quality professionals. That’s why if you’re looking for a Sydney shop fitting company, you should consider us at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. We boast a team of highly trained shopfitters, who have successfully completed several restaurant and café fitouts. By choosing us for your fitout, we’ll make sure that your café or restaurant stands out from the crowd.

Hotel shop fitting trends

I find the trend in hotel fitouts particularly interesting. In the past, there has always been a lot of room for design freedom with fitouts ranging from classic, traditional to quirky, postmodern designs. But in recent times hotel fitouts have seen many trends.

First of all, almost every hotel fitout in 2017 is adopting smart technology. This allows a hotel to offer a much more comfortable experience. Moreover, smart technology also allows a hotel to offer a lot of personalised service without being intrusive.

Hotels are also getting more spacious – within rooms, lobbies and common areas. This extra spaciousness gives off a palatial and grand feel. Lavish spas, yoga retreats and wellness centres are also gaining popularity with many hotels.

As with cafes and restaurants, themed based hotels are also emerging. For example, ‘Eco’ themed hotels are based around the concept of sustainability and greener living. Many such hotels and other themed hotels are springing up all over the world.

For your hotel fitout, don’t just choose any Sydney shop fitting company. Hire only the best – Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. We specialise in creating fitouts, fittings and refurbishments for hotels of all sizes and budgets. Trust us for a full-service hotel fitout designed according to the latest trends.

Supermarket shop fitting trends

Traditionally, supermarket shopfitting is one sector in which trends change slowly. Most supermarkets have been designed around the same base principles making them all seem alike. However, this looks to be changing in 2017.

With an increase in market fragmentation, retail channels will get blurred. This is a huge plus for supermarkets who offer many products under a single roof as more customers are expected to be drawn towards supermarkets this coming year.

Health, green living, nature and wellness are some other aspects that supermarkets are adopting. This has led to a flurry of creative designs, spacious floor layouts, unique shelving and display systems and a personalised experience.

If you own a supermarket and would like a trendy fitout, trust us at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. We have successfully created several supermarket fitouts which have helped our clients gain a competitive edge. We’ll help you attract more customers and boost your sales so don’t go looking about for a Sydney shop fitting company elsewhere!


Commercial fitouts in Sydney are experiencing some great new trends in 2017. Retail fitouts are adopting raised roofs and embracing technology extensively. Office fitouts are being designed with open, flexible spaces, social spaces and vibrant interiors. Cafés and restaurants are adopting themed fitouts, with an extra emphasis on comfort and seating. Hotel fitouts are getting more spacious, offering wellness centres and adopting themes, while supermarkets also seem to be adopting the theme of health, green living and wellness.

If you’re looking for a Sydney shop fitting company for your commercial fitout, look no further than Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. Get in touch with us to discuss your fitout requirements today!

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