Shopfitting 101: Everything You Need to Know to Start Planning

Planning Shopfittings A poorly planned out shopfitting is the perfect recipe for business failure. This is why I always encourage my clients to have a clear plan of their fit-out needs before any of the work is done. I strongly encourage them to seek out experts in the field (interior designers, either chosen by them, or our own recommendations) for design consultations and fit-out drawings. Before you plan your own shopfitting, you should browse through this checklist first.

Do you have a specialist? You need a design specialist if you want your shopfitting to be painless, if not a complete success. You need to hire an architect, an engineer, an interior designer, or all three. Some builders, like us, have our own pool of fit-out experts who can look at your space, speak with you about the proposed changes, and draw up a plan. Usually, the plan of the changes comes first, then an estimate of the cost. You can have slight changes done to the design to fit your budget. Usually this involves taking out an element that’s not that necessary, or replacing a material with a cheaper alternative to make the budget work for you.

Are there ready-made items you can incorporate in your design? You might also want to look around for some ready-made kitchen counters or cabinets. Sometimes, fit-outs work, especially for small spaces. However, some ready-made items can be incorporated into the shopfitting plan if your space is big enough. This can save you some time and money. Of course, you will have to consult with the  designer of your choice if the incorporation is feasible. Also read ‘Options for Shop Fitting Shelves’

Prepare your papers. Any construction project is simple enough until the government gets into the picture. Research about the necessary paperwork required in your area before setting your budget. These permits will cost some money too, and they should be included in your expected expenses. Also figure out how you’re going to accomplish these papers on time. The process of getting permits could postpone your renovation project. The advantage of getting us as your shopfitters is that we can help you with the construction permits. You don’t have to go about it blindly.

Logistics, logistics, logistics. There is no way you can do everything yourself. Attempting to DIY, unless you’re actually an architect or an interior designer, can cost you a lot of money. You need sound advice from construction experts to know which steps should be taken first. Sit down and talk about specific changes you want to be done in your building, preferably with the shopfitters of your choice. Do you want to relocate the fire exit? Are you looking to create a new floor layout for better traffic in your store? Are you installing a new air conditioning system? Do you need a new ramp for the disabled? Which of these improvements should go first and how long will the renovations last to accommodate these changes? You need to know these shopfitting basics because they will also affect your costing.

Xtreme Shopfitting and Joinery for your Shop Improvements!

satisfaction guaranteedShop improvements can be stressful if you’re not working with the right people. We would like to save you from that stress. We’ve rewarded many shop owners around Australia with quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive shop improvements that made them love running their business again. For samples of our work, visit our portfolio page at You can also call us at 07 5564 7525 for bookings and other enquiries!

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