Shop Fitters rejoice over solid retail performance

With only a couple of months left in 2015, it is safe to say that the year has turned out to be great for the retail industry. In fact, according to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), retail sales figures have continued to grow at a healthy rate for the first half of the year. The figures show a continuance of the year-by-year growth of the retail sector, which has not only been beneficial for retail businesses, but for shop fitters as well.

The solid performance of the Australian retail industry over the years has given a reason for hundreds of business owners to rejoice. After all, the industry does have its ups and downs. Only a few years ago, retail businesses in the United Kingdom went through some very tough times.

As a result, shop fitters had to take extreme measures just to survive. In fact, there were reports that companies were asking their personnel to accept a 30% pay cut. Fortunately, those times are over in the UK and business has begun to pick up again.

shop fitters solid performance

If you’re interested in retail, now’s the time to dive in

Thankfully, not only did we not face the same problems as the UK, but also our retail industry has been steadily growing over the years, even during the time when the retail industry in the UK was in a slump. Australia’s retail industry has been performing so well that it has become more appealing to individuals searching for good business opportunities.

Those that were fortunate enough to benefit from the industry’s continued growth have taken the opportunity to expand their operations. With the recent data, it’s expected that many more will follow suit, especially in the retail sectors described in the report.

According to the report of ARA, the retail categories that have performed well are food, household goods, and clothing. Department stores, restaurants, and takeaway foods also did pretty well. This means that if you’re planning to establish a business in the retail industry, you know what categories would likely bring you success.

Shop fitters should also take advantage of this opportunity

By now, it is difficult to imagine that shop fitters wouldn’t have benefited from the current success of the retail industry. With so many new start-ups and expansions, there’s certainly more than enough business to go around. However, this does not mean that retail outlets should simply choose shop fitters randomly out of a hat. They need to know that their chosen shop fitters are credible and reliable before agreeing to any type of contract.

One of the lessons learned from the UK is that retail outlets place more importance in a shop fitter’s reliability than anything else. In fact, it seems that they’ll even ignore cutthroat offers as long as they receive an offer from a reliable shop fitter.

If this happened in the UK, then there’s no reason why retailers in Australia shouldn’t also choose reliability over price.

I personally tend to find with our retail clients, that they are looking for reliable shop fitters in Australia. With the recent figures, the number are expected to increase and I believe more and more retail outlets will jump on board and start looking for reliable shop fitters instead of ones that can give them a good offer.

What shop fitters and retail business owners need to know

The retail industry in Australia may be growing, but there are also indications that it could be changing as well. It has come to my attention that recent retail trends are calling for more technologically focused stores rather than traditional stores. Brick and mortar stores are facing stiff competition from online stores and providing shop fittings that are technologically enhanced are what they’ll need to survive. Be sure that your chosen shop fitters are equip to grow and adapt with trends so you don’t get left behind.

As the owner of Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, I have learned that the key to succeeding in this industry is to provide a reliable service that delivers precisely what our customers require. Therefore, we ensure that all of our shop fitters have the necessary knowledge and skills required to complete a shopfitting project from start to finish. We aim to deliver a truly reliable service that cannot be faulted. So, if your looking to take advantage of the current growth of the Australian retail industry, start by contracting Australia’s best shop fitters and enter the retail industry today – there’s no better time! Give us a call at (07) 5564 7525.

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