Things to Consider Before Approaching Shop Fitters in Brisbane

Things to Consider Before Approaching Shop Fitters in BrisbaneI recently met with several potential clients who were surprisingly unprepared for our meeting. When I say this, I mean they had not done their homework and I could see they were vulnerable in some areas. Not all shopfitters in Brisbane, or in an Australian city for that matter, can be trusted 100%. Some shopfitters are just out there to make money and their primary concern is to get a job and complete the job – which doesn’t necessary sound bad, but consider this; wouldn’t you want to entrust shop fitters that are prepared to go the extra mile and give you feedback on your shopfitting improvements. Where they will tell you if in their experience your ideas will not only look good, but more importantly, help your business by increasing customers, therefore profits?

Years of experience in the business have taught me to take good care of my clients. Trust is important in this business. This is why I always recommend my clients to think about these things before meeting up with my company.

What do you want to do with your shop, in general, and why?

Do you want a better floor layout? Why? Do you need better lighting and ventilation? Do you want better displays? Are you looking for shopfitters in Brisbane because you need to rebrand? These ‘why’s’ are necessary especially if you’re a little short on budget because these improvements should at least have a 90% success rate if you want to breakeven. Renovation costs can be pretty hefty, especially if you’re planning a big renovation. Now, let’s go back to why you want improvements done to your shop in the first place: you want more customers, you want more profits. If you spend all your money on renovations and you earn nothing after the renovation, your business could close down.

How much are you willing to spend?

Experienced shopfitters in Brisbane will tell you upfront how expensive a specific project will cost. They won’t string you along and make you believe you have something done for half the actual price. They know how painful it is to be short of budget and have raw materials sticking out of your walls, so resuming normal operations isn’t even possible. They also stick closely to their client’s budget and try to spend even less than the client’s budget. Before meeting up with a potential shop fitter, know exactly how much you can afford to invest in your fitout. This way, the shop fitter can help you trim down your proposed changes to something that’s friendlier to your budget.

Does your shop really need specific improvements?

No matter how nice the material is that you’ve chosen, no matter how skilled your installers are, and no matter how timely your improvements may be, the real concern you should be looking at is this: does your shop really need to be renovated? Some shop owners give their shops complete makeovers for the sake of following a trend. If the changes are not going to be that beneficial for your business, you might want to wait and save your money until you actually need to renovate. If the sales are falling because your look is out dated, you can always look at simpler, less expensive improvements that can still leave your consumers impressed.

Choose Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery for Brisbane shop fitters you can trust.

For a hassle free process, entrust a team of professional shop fitters with construction and marketing backgrounds who can direct you to a market-oriented design. Our team of expert shopfitters in Brisbane have had years of experience, and aim to deliver a good looking fitout that will also increase customers and profit!

We can also work with small budgets and small spaces. Give us a call now and dial 07 5564 7525! Also, you may visit our website at for samples of our work.

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