Shop Around for Brisbane Shopfitters

Brisbane ShopfittersNo one should be bullied into choosing a shopfitter for their Brisbane store. In fact, shopfitting in Brisbane has become such a thriving industry that there are plenty of shopfitters to choose from. What shop owners should understand though is that competition for us shopfitters is fierce, and Brisbane shopfitting companies will fight hard to secure a project.

As a shop owner, you shouldn’t feel unhappy about your choice of shopfitter, as long as you’ve done your homework, you should be comfortable knowing you’ve made a well informed decision that you are 100% happy with. If you’re 100% happy, or informed enough to make a decision when it comes to choosing a company that offers shopfitting in Brisbane, then I suggest you take note of the following words of advice;

Make a list and check it twice

If you’re clueless about shopfitting in Brisbane, ask around. Ask for referrals. Don’t be afraid to approach other shop owners for their recommended fitters. This is much better than going about blindly in your search for the perfect fitters in the area. This can save you from a lot of disappointments because then, you will have accounts of real experiences with these fitters.

Ask for multiple quotes

Don’t just go for the most lauded shopfitters on your list. Professionals offering shopfitting in Brisbane have different suppliers; hence, different operational costs as well. Go ahead and look at how much each shopfitter quotes for the same project. Compare their estimates with their proposed design changes.

Visit their projects

Portfolios will always look nice, especially if the photos were taken right after construction. See how these projects have aged. Visit actual project sites if you can. We offer a large online portfolio to showcase our completed projects. Here at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, we are proud of each project we complete and are only too happy to showcase these for potential customers to make their judgement on.

Need professional shopfitting in Brisbane? Look no further!

We have years of experience, and our projects have successfully increased the revenues of our clients. Call us on 07 5564 7525, or visit our office at 3 Distribution Ave. Molendinar, QLD, 4214 to get started today!

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