What NOT to do when planning a commercial fit out

What NOT to do when planning a commercial fit out

If you’re a business owner, then no doubt you’re aware that commercial fit outs can play a huge role in the productivity of your staff. As such, when planning your commercial fit out, you need to understand its importance and give it the time and dedication it deserves – after all, a poor fit out could end up costing thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

At Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, we specialise in commercial fit outs, not just in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but also across Australia. Therefore, we know exactly what to do and what not to do to ensure a commercial fit out is right for the business at hand.

Continue reading this article as I list out what you must NOT do when planning your commercial fit out. Hopefully, this article will help you avoid any problems during your own project.

1. Not having a clear goal in mind

Many clients have approach me for their own commercial fit out without having a clear goal in mind. This is certainly the biggest mistake that I see people making that you must avoid. Without having a clear goal in mind, you will be left with a fit out that, neither increases productivity nor the efficiencies of your business.

I would suggest not contacting a shopfitting company until you have a clear goal in mind. Your shopfitters won’t be able to offer you a solid solution and your project may turn into a futile exercise if they don’t have a clear goal to work towards. Worse still, you may end up making unwanted changes to your store that will cost time and money to rectify.

Before you jump into your fit out, make sure you know what you want to achieve. You’ll also want to ensure that your commercial space can adjust to renovations without any hassles during the fit out. Never approach a shopfitting company unless you are sure about what you want to achieve with your fit out.

2. Failing to create a budget

I won’t sugar coat it, commercial fit outs are anything but cheap. While professional shopfitters will be installing your fit out, there is always a chance that you may be faced with unforeseen issues. Moreover, there are many items, which you will need to purchase to style your new fit out. If you fail to create a budget and keep a buffer for unforeseen expenses, your project will definitely suffer.

If you’re just starting out with your business, it may be difficult for you to estimate your charges. However, you can avoid this problem by talking to professional shopfitters who have handled similar projects in the past. Be wary though – some shopfitters may offer you lower quotes, only to blow up your budget once the project starts.

You’ll find none of that if you choose to work with us though. At Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, our expert shopfitters will create a detailed estimate/quote of your fit out project. Thanks to many years of experience in installing commercial fit outs, our cost estimates are always accurate. By working with us, you can avoid the problem of underestimating charges, which is all too common in the shopfitting industry. Moreover, we will always make sure to complete a project on time and within the set budget.

3. Trying the DIY approach

Every now and then, I hear someone say that they can do without professional shopfitters for their commercial fit outs. They argue that a DIY fit out is cheaper and if well planned, there are fewer problems to deal with.

Unfortunately, this is a big mistake – DIY fit outs can easily lead to disaster. First off, few people have the skilled required to create a successful floor plan or a layout. Moreover, purchasing items and overseeing the entire project is time consuming, hectic and confusing. Unless you have handled such projects on your own, which is unlikely, you should never go for a DIY approach.

It is always wise to leave fit outs to the experts. Professionals have more expertise and experience than you and they’ll ensure that your project is done on time and within your budget. As mentioned, professionals will ensure that there are fewer roadblocks and unforeseen problems to deal with.

Shopfitting is a massive project and it is a job only for professional experts. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll manage a project on your own. You’ll only end up creating problems for yourself.

4. Ignoring lease conditions

In all probability, you will be operating your commercial space on a lease. If you’re planning a fit out, you must not fail to consider your lease conditions. You must go through your lease contract carefully before any work commences.

Ignoring your lease conditions can have deadly effects and may even result in a lawsuit. This is something you must avoid at all costs. If the need be, talk to your landlord about your plans before starting your fit out project. Clear communication is key here. If you’re unsure about anything, do not hesitate to talk to your landlord. You really don’t want to end up doing something that your landlord can charge you against.

You’ll also need to communicate specifics of your contract with the fit out company that you hire. Unless your shopfitting company are clear about your lease conditions, they may end up violating terms of your contract. This will result in a very ugly scenario, so make sure to talk to your shopfitters in detail before your fit out project kicks off.

5. Not accounting for future growth

Another common mistake that I see many people making when planning their commercial fit outs is failing to account for future growth. Your fit out must not only reflect your current needs, but it should also account for future growth of your business.

Every business starts small and grows over time. However, some business owners simply get fixated on trying to make things better but fail to do so. A large part of this problem stems from the fact that future growth is not accounted for. Make sure that you do not fall for this common mistake.

When planning commercial fit outs, you must first think of your current scenario and then think of future growth. Your fit out must accommodate your plans for the future; otherwise you’ll end up redoing things over again. Needless to say, this is both time consuming and extremely expensive – something that you must try and avoid.

Thankfully, when you work with reputed shopfitters such as Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, you’ll not face this problem. Thanks to years of experience in commercial fit outs, we’ll advise you on the best possible approach. We’ll ensure that your current needs are met, while keeping scope for future growth and expansions. By choosing to work with us, you’ll never need to redo your fit out simply because your business is expanding.


Planning commercial fit outs can be a challenging task as there are many things that you need to be aware of. Many people simply jump into the process and end up making terrible mistakes along the way.

When considering your fit out, make sure to have a clear goal in mind and create a detailed budget. Never attempt a DIY approach and don’t ignore your lease conditions. Finally, your fit out must also account for future growth, while reflecting your existing needs. If you want your fit out project to go smoothly, on time and within your budget, take the help of reputed shopfitters. Experts will not only ensure that your fit out is installed properly, but they will also advise you on what works best.

For the best results with your commercial fit outs, choose Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. With over 30 years of experience in shopfitting, we can certainly do a wonderful job with your fit out.

To hire our services, simply drop us an email at [email protected]. We’ll be glad to be of your assistance.

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