Melbourne Shopfitters Help Drive Sales

Competition among businesses is incredibly tough, but it is a lot harder in the world of retail—and that is perfectly understandable. You see, unlike our field which requires skills, training and certification, with retail, the supplies you need to start a business are already there, all you need to do is market your business. As long as you have good people skills and business acumen, which you will surely learn along the way, you can get by.

In other words, getting into the retail industry is easy. But that is a problem in itself. With so much competition, how do you differ yourself from the thousands of other retail outlets? If you are in Melbourne, Australia’s retail capital, then you should know that you are competing not only with the local brands but also with many international labels as well.

Melbourne Shopfitters Help Drive Sales

This is where Melbourne shopfitters come in. We just do not take care of the physical layout of your store or are engaged in interior design. We help you build a brand and the facilities needed to attract more customers and increase sales.

To understand the power of shopfitting for the retail industry, I will share with you this article which explains a study, which saw a retail store install “skinny mirrors” to observe the perception and shopping behavior of women customers.

The skinny mirror is a controversial amenity, to say the least. As its name suggests, it makes the person appear slimmer or leaner in the mirror. These mirrors have curves that compress the image.

The studies conductor stated “The result showed that a skinny mirror significantly influences both perceptual and attitudinal body image, and had a tendency to influence conversion ratios positively,”

While we do not exactly condone this type of trickery ourselves, it just goes to show how a buyer can be influenced by simple shopfittings and why choosing the right shopfittings for your retail store can be the difference between failure and success. Just imagine if the study had used “fat mirrors” rather than skinny mirrors. I guarantee their sales would have dropped.

So from this it’s evident that mirrors are influential in driving sales, but what other shopfittings also help do this?

First of all, you can use them to help boost your brand and products. If you’ve ever walked in a high-end shop, say, Louis Vuitton, one of the first things you’ll see are tall glass cabinets occupying the entire wall, each divided into sections that showcase their very expensive bags. But what makes these fixtures so different from all the others are the recessed lights that allow every person that visits the store to see details of the bag. It’s a way of telling guests, “Look at our high level of craftsmanship.”

You can also count on shopfitting to keep your customers engaged and interested. While most stores feature uniform grids, you can go for geometrics—that is, instead of displaying your items in a line, you can think about wavelike structures or circular racks. These are very small design changes, but they may be all you need to make yourself unique, not to mention very interesting in the eyes of your customers. After all, they make your space look fresh and new.

Shopfitting isn’t just about design; in the same way those mirrors aren’t simply meant to create an illusion of leanness. It’s still important to combine both design and functionality to provide the best customer experience.

For example, a more geometrical way of displaying your items or building fixtures may be used to conquer irregular sections of your space. If you don’t do that, then that space becomes wasted. Using wooden pallets or shelves to display country-centric products can help customers visualize how these items will look like in their cottage-style or wood-dominated homes.

Or you can use it to introduce a brand-new bold concept. Selfridges in the UK is one of the biggest department stores in the country. Hundreds of people walk in and out of there every single day, especially during the holidays. And you know what a huge crowd means: stress. So they brought back the idea of a Silence Room, where shoppers can just relax, be quiet, and recharge themselves.


The skinny mirrors, the accent lights of Louis Vuitton, and the Silence Room–all these teach us one thing. Every shopfitting in your store matters–it should matter. After all, it may spell the difference between succeeding and being one of the run-of-the-mill shops out there. Shopfitting helps you drive sales by allowing you to be one of a kind without compromising your brand and customer experience. Rather, you highlight both of these.

We have more ideas on how to increase your sales, simply get in touch with our Melbourne shopfitters to find out more.

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