Trend Alert – The Latest Shop Fittings in Melbourne

Shop Fittings in MelbourneAs a shopfitter, I’m always asked what the latest shop fittings in Melbourne are. I think this is largely because shop owners want consumers to know they’ve recently improved their shop’s look, and just like clothing fashion, sporting a “look” that’s out-of-date is a complete waste of money.

While personally, I believe in making any “look” work for your shop, depending on how relevant it is to your branding efforts, here are general trends which seem to be overtaking not just ours, but shop fittings in Melbourne in general.

Cheap and frequent interior updates

Apparently, consumers get tired of the same shop interiors. This is why shop owners are updating their shop fittings in Melbourne once every two years, if not more often. Go back 10 years, shop owners used to spend a lot on shop improvements but they won’t plan facelifting projects in the next four to five years. Now, they’re more focused on low cost shop fitting because they know they will have to invest in another renovation project in the next two years.

More focus on environments, not displays

Shop fittings in Melbourne have also become more challenging because more shop owners are looking to create dynamic environments inside their shops. Instead of just focusing all of our energies on specific parts of the shop where displays of the products are to be placed, we now think about the whole “feel” of the shop. The objective is for the customer to be completely immersed in a sort of wonderland which features the shop owner’s products. So if we’re doing a shop fit out for a Japanese restaurant, for example, we need to come up with a way to get customers to feel like they’ve just stepped into ancient Japan. If the menu is more modern, we need to recreate Tokyo.

More focus on environmentally friendly materials and design

This trend actually surfaced in housing projects a few years ago. Now, it has happily infected shop improvements too. Most shop fittings in Melbourne are designed using more organic products for that guiltless shop improvement you’ve been looking forward to. This means less plastic and more recycled items that ingeniously find their way into the design. The designs themselves are also more energy-efficient, so if you’re in a sunny area, expect your walls to let in more natural light. Natural air ventilation solutions are also incorporated in some shops.

Realize these trends with Xtreme Shoplifting and Joinery

Melbourne Shop Fitting CompanyHere at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, we can definitely make your shop fitting dreams come true, whether you’re in Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia as we service Australia wide! You can visit our portfolio page at for some examples of our work. We can assure you that all of our transactions went smoothly because we’ve always put our customers first. You can also call us at 07 5564 7525 for bookings and other enquiries, or hit us up via our contact page!

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