Is Your Colour Scheme Up to Scratch?

If you work in retail, you know how hard it is to attract customers. It is pure numbers: the more people that enter your store, the more merchandise you will sell. That is why you should do everything possible to make your store more interesting and attractive, which will lead to an increased number of buyers. We are retail shopfitters and therefore we know how to do just this. Today I’m going to tell you something about a very important, yet an often overlooked element: the colour of the walls.

Indeed, there is nothing that can make people feel better that a fresh and appealing paint. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong colour wall paint may create a space that people would rather run from than run to. What can you do to prevent it and make people feel good and welcome in your store? If you don`t know, we do. As retail shopfitters, it’s our job to find the perfect solution for your retail store. According to a great article from the, let`s see what are said to be great colours to choose from.

color scheme

Perfect colours for your store

It is true that people today paint their spaces more often than they used to, but you still have to live with your choice of paint colour for some time, so you should choose wisely. Besides that, if you are choosing paint for your retail store, there are other factors you should consider. First of all, you should know that colours can influence emotions so keep this in mind while talking to your retail shopfitter or interior designer about colours. Also, if you choose trendy colours, you may be in a position to paint more often, but people will see that you are following latest trends and that will make them feel confident about your store. What are the latest trends when it comes to the colour scheme for your retail store?

Neutral colours are a safe choice and are the colours I tend to see used most often in our retail shopfitting projects. They let you play with other colours in detail and they are not too demanding. Besides, today neutral colours come in more shades than just white and cream. You may find many beautiful neutral pastel shades that will fit your space and interior design.

Yellow and gold shades are very warm and they give a luxurious effect to the space. They are an excellent choice when you want to create a decadent and attractive atmosphere where buyers will feel like kings and queens.

Blue is a very calming colour and, like neutrals, is very good for combining with different shades and intensities. Besides, it can work very well on its own. The latest trends recommend peacock blue, indigo, magenta and purple shades. For those that are searching for a neutral version, anthracite grey is a good choice. Another trendy combination is blue and green shades, which is reminiscent of nature.

I mentioned gold before, but other metallic shades, such as copper and silver are increasing in popularity. They are a great counterpoise to the simple and neutral furniture and other details, and if you think ordinary colours are too boring, try those with the metallic particles for a glittering and refined look.

Other colouring trends

Besides the colours, there are some trends that may also make your retail store look like a place people want to visit. First of those trends are patterns and prints. After years of neglecting, they came back in great style. Large arabesques and baroque patterns, as well as the uneven colour look which is created to mimic the look of various materials, such as stone or concrete are very popular and again are used often in our shopfitting projects.

Re-used and DIY projects came into disrepute because most people believed they seem like a cheap solution. However, global growing awareness of socioeconomic and environmental issues made them popular again. It does save money, but it also helps people to express themselves and it gives a feeling of the satisfaction to see great things you can do on your own.

Rise of the 3D printing software that allows you to play with a photo of your space in a virtual paint application and other appliances of the latest technologies may help you find a great solution that will make you happy and proud. Technologies are useful when it comes to the production of the paint as well. Modern colours don`t contain added solvents that evaporate and are a risk to humans health and the environment in general. Also, you may get washable colours and other products that are easy to maintain, which is important if you use them in a space where many people pass by.


It doesn`t matter that you have an old and established retail store or you are planning to open a new one, one of the most important elements to get right before retail shopfitters start your project is to design a space where people will feel comfortable. Wall paint is an extremely important and often forgotten element. With the latest colour trends and other elements you may incorporate into your walls, there is no way for your store to stay unnoticed.

Huge choice makes hard decisions. When you start planning your store, you may become overwhelmed by the colours, patterns and other elements available. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere in between, don`t hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of the team and we’ll help steer you in the right direction. For more information on retail shopfitting, contact the best retail shopfitters in Australia. It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your retail store!

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