How to Design Your Own Shop Fit Out

Design Your Own Shop Fit OutAs a shop fitter myself, I must say that clients who come in with a detailed design of their shop fitout make our job easier, and the transaction itself smoother. Having a clear idea on what our clients want can make cost estimates more grounded. Below are steps on how to design your own shop fit out.

Measure. Measure your space first and foremost. Consider the floor space first and draw a scaled down floor layout of your current retail space as accurately as possible. Measurements are important for any shopfitters because it’s close to impossible to give a cost estimate of a shop fit out based on a photo alone.

Draw. Provide a drawing of your current floor space, and then render what you want your renovation project to accomplish. Use tools online for renderings. The more detail you have, the better you can communicate what you want to your choice of shop fitter. Don’t forget to indicate the materials you want. Visit actual home improvement shops for choices on materials.

Target. Keep your designs in control by knowing your target consumers. Be careful about designing only according to your personal tastes. Be sure you’re catering to the consumers you want to attract. I recommend you also read ‘The Importance of the Right Shop Fittings’ for this point.

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