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Starting up a business is expensive. Let’s face it, it is often a gamble or an investment that you hope pays off. One might think of it as simple as renting a premise, ordering stock and hiring staff, but there is so much more involved with opening a business. What about the interior fit out? Here, you have the interior design costs, and the interior fit out itself. While the interior fit out is best left to a commercial interior fit out company such as Xtreme, you can however, take the interior design aspects into your own hands. Doing so will reduce your costs considerably.

interior fit out design

In this article, I’ll give you some pointers so as to help you create your own interior fit out design, which will be ready for shopfitters to install.

Those interested in planning their own interior fit out design should consider taking a look at the Queensland Government’s Business and Industrial Portal, which offers a great deal of information on effective interior fit outs.

Here are some of my pointers to help you create your own interior fit out:

Choice of shop layout

First of all, you should select a shop layout, which fits your budget, while also keeping your target market in consideration. You should prioritise upon functionality, maximise visual impact and also look to double up displays as storage units. Some popular shop layouts that you can choose from include geometric designs, diagonal designs, grid designs and angular designs. At Xtreme Shopfitting, we specialise in interior shopfitting for all types of buildings. Visit our shopfitting page to find out more about how we go about it.

Use of appropriate lighting and fixtures

Appropriate lighting and fixtures can help enhance and increase not only the visual appeal of the products you are looking to sell, but your entire interior fit out design. You may use glass shelves with spotlights for high end products, wooden shelves for traditional products and metal or plastic shelves for utility items. Shelves need to be well spaced and fixtures should be erected at appropriate height levels, suitable for your target market.

Functional requirements

When planning the design of your interior fit out, you need to give special consideration to the functional requirements of your space. Keep your area clean and orderly and never clutter or crowd your products. Ensure that you periodically change your fixtures and make sure that the shop counter overlooks all parts of the store. Provide ease of access to your customers and also cater to the disabled and make arrangements for children as well. Finally, always remember to keep in account safety and work health requirements in your space.

Making use of software programs and apps

You can even go a step further by making use of software programs and apps to create your very own 3D model of your interior fit out so it’s ready for commercial interior fitters to create and install it.

CAD Designer Pro Plus is an excellent software program, which enables you to create 3D models of any space. This easy to use software allows you to create intricate detailed interiors and can generate plans of your interior fit out. You can even estimate costs just by spending a few hours in front of your computer. To find out more about this wonderful software, click here.

Another free app which I recently stumbled across is Shop.up. This interactive app offers you a platform to create a 3D design for your shop interiors. The app is quite intuitive and easy to use. Find out more about this app by clicking here.

After you have finalised the details of your interior fit out and have planned everything out, you can then leave the rest in the hands of professionals to execute the job to perfection. At Xtreme Shopfitting, we specialise in interior fit outs and have carried out a large number of installations across Australia. Click here to view our portfolio of completed projects.


Designing your very own interior fit out can be fun and rewarding as well. It will save you on a lot of costs and you get a chance to design things just the way you want. There are a number of resources that can help you with designing your interior fit out. Once you’re done with the designs, you can contact us at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery to have your fit out installed. Visit our website or give us a call at 07 5564 7525 and we will be happy to help you out with your requirements.

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