Brisbane Shopfitters You Can Trust to Get the Job Done

What do Brisbane cafes, restaurants, bars, food outlets and offices all have in common? They need the services of a Brisbane shopfitting company to get them up and running. When it comes to the best company offering Brisbane shopfitting, you can’t go past Xtreme shopfitting & joinery.

Brisbane Shopfitters You Can Trust to Get the Job Done

In this article, I am going to prove to you why you should choose Xtreme as your Brisbane shopfitters.

What Do We Offer?

Let us begin with experience. We have been in the shopfitting business since the 1980’s, and over the years, we have built an impressive track record. Our secret? We don’t just hire anyone for the job. We work with craftsmen who have shown experience, knowledge, skill and talent in the field of shopfitting and joinery. Most of all, we hire people who show commitment, professionalism and passion; people who listen to ideas and provide their own because we see every project as a collaboration. Together with our clients, we work to make any space not only look better but also consistent with your brand. We work on converting any space to something that helps enhance customer experience so they will always want to go back and even tell their friends.

We offer a wide range of services to allow us to support you with your every need:

Our process is different from other Brisbane shopfitters and joiners:

We understand your business. This is essential because we want to make sure that every element in the space is seamless, relates to each other and most of all speaks of your brand. Just take a look at Google, for example. Googleplex is such a cool office with its slides, sleeping pods, play areas, etc. But they are there not only to impress people but to build a culture and a brand. It speaks to us that the company is creative, ingenious, fun and collaborative.

Once we have already obtained a general idea of what your business is and even what your vision is all about, we get into the drawing board. We work closely with your designer to ensure your 3D images not only come to life but also, so you can truly get a lifelike feel of how the space will look like once everything has already been laid out.

When we get an approval, we begin the shopfitting. We always assign a project manager to make communication much easier between our clients and us. The project manager also sees to it that the client is updated every step of the way and the project is completed on schedule and on budget.

A Focus on Office Fitouts

Did I mention we love office fitouts? I saw a recent article state “Brisbane Lags Behind in Office Conversions.” To summarise the article, it said that while other major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney have already been converting their old buildings and offices into something else, such as residences, Brisbane on the other hand is not following trend as many of the buildings have not been refurbished since the 1960s!

This is something I’m eager to see turned around. Why does this matter? For the property owner it affects their bottom line. Properties depreciate, and the older they are, the lesser their value is in the market. By converting them into something more usable, or more modern, you can increase the buildings’ market value.

For tenants, then the sale and conversion is out of your hands however, that doesn’t mean you too can’t look to refurbish your office. You only have to read my recent articles on the connection between the happiness of employees and increased productivity to see that it’s in your best interest to offer a working environment that your employees enjoy.

This takes more than a sprucing up of your decors or a new coat of paint. You need to give it a complete makeover, and Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery can surely help you with that one. Our mission is not just to make the space pretty or trendy but to be forward thinking so you can offer a more dynamic working environment that increases your employees productivity whilst keeping them happy. And the same can be said for any relationship in the workplace.


The number of years a business has been operating is not enough to judge a business. Complement it with knowledge, experience, skills and, most of all, a good understanding of your business and your vision. When it comes to Brisbane shopfitters you can trust, Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery is what you are looking for.

Don’t waste any more time. Give us a call today and we’ll get on it as soon as possible.

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