Achieve retail design perfection in 7 steps

It may or may not be a surprise to you, but the design of your retail store will greatly affect your profits. In fact, the retail design and shopfitting guide provided by the Queensland Government, states “Good retail design attracts customers to your store and encourages them to stay longer, see more and buy more. ” With the steps I’m about to provide, you can implement retail design on your own! You don’t necessarily need to hire the services of a shopfitting company to assist in improving your retail shop fit out. However, for the best results with the least interruption to your business, I recommend that you contact a company such as Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery to get you back on your feet.

retail design perfection

Continue reading this article as I lay out 7 effective steps through which you can achieve retail perfection. Believe me – after following these steps, you will be able to transform your struggling shop into a profitable business, simply by changing the design and layout of your retail store.

1. Use window displays

I’ve noticed that most small retailers do not make use of window displays in order to save on costs. However, this can prove to be a costly mistake. Windows work as the eyes of a store and can give customers a tasteful hint of what lies inside a shop. Creating appealing window displays in your retail shop fit outs are designed to grab the attention of customers and to communicate your image. Avoid clutter and keep things simple, so as to communicate the idea that the items you have displayed are special.

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2. Create a captivating first impression

The first impression is incredibly important for a retail store. If you are unable to captivate your customers with you displays, they may end up buying less from you. At Xtreme, we recommend you to make use of seasonal displays in the storefront of your retail shop fit outs, which showcase items that customers can touch, feel or try. Try using lower shelving that allows customers to touch products and also allows them to view further into the store. Remember – if customers do not like what they see when they first enter your store, they may end up leaving.

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3. Steer customers counter clockwise

Many research studies have demonstrated that people naturally look left, then right and prefer to walk counter clockwise. Here, at Xtreme, we’re well aware of this fact and whenever we design retail shop fit outs, we always try and steer customers counter clockwise. We create wider aisles and place eye catching items on the right side of a store to entice customers to move counter clockwise. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this simple technique makes to your retail fitout.

4. Make use of visual breaks

Nothing screams “boring” like long aisles. Long and uninterrupted aisles rarely get people’s attention and they end up overlooking much of the merchandise placed. Effective retail shop fit outs contain various stopping points. Consider using displays, signs and advertisements to create visual breaks in between your aisles. Allowing customers to stop and take a break increases the likelihood that they browse through more items in your store.

5. Pay attention to product presentation

In my opinion, a great retail shop fit out involves memorable and unique product presentation. You need to learn what your customers want to buy and look to appeal to them in the best way possible. At Xtreme, we always recommend our clients to make use of bold visuals and showcase products in inventive and eye catching ways in retail shop fit outs. Signage and unique point of sale displays can also help grab the attention of customers.

6. Make things accessible

While you may have a great fit out, unless it has been designed with accessibly in mind, your store will do you no good. As shopfitters, we would be doing an ill service if our retail shop fit outs were not completely accessible to customers. We ensure displays and aisles are wide enough for everyone to move around comfortably, regardless of whether they’re walking or using a wheelchair. We also ensure that all shelving is at an appropriate height to allow customers to access the products they want.

7. Create a clear path to purchase

One of the most important elements of a retail shop fit out is the path to purchase. Once customers have found items that they want to buy, they need to see a clear and simple path to purchase. The positioning of your shop counter and displays play a crucial role in making or breaking a sale. Keep things efficient and provide a pleasurable experience to your customers and you’ll find that they will return to you.

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Much of the success of a retail store is dependent on the layout and design of its fit out. If you’re struggling to get your retail business to make good profits, you should probably consider investing in a new fit out. In order to achieve retail perfection, you must use window displays and create a captivating first impressions. Try and steer customers counter clockwise in your store, while making use of visual breaks. Pay utmost attention to product presentation and always make things accessible to your customers. Finally, you should always create a clear path to purchase for your customers. These simple steps can dramatically transform a dying retail business into a thriving and profitable one.

If you want your store to be on par with the best retail shop fit outs on the Gold Coast, get in touch with the team here at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. Our experts have designed countless fit outs for retail clients on the Gold Coast and we’re well aware of what makes a retail fit out successful.

To discuss your retail shopfitting needs, simply give us a call.

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