7 best shopfitting strategies for continued revenue growth

According to the Herald Sun, Victorian shoppers contributed almost $4.3 billion to the retail industry over three weeks in the post-Christmas sales, with $750 million spent on Boxing Day alone. These figures are up 3.3% on last year.

While these figures are promising, they are of course a result of the busiest retail season of the year. So, what measures can you take to enjoy continued revenue growth regardless of the season?

As a Melbourne shopfitting company, we have plenty of proven strategies up our sleeve that will help you do just this.

So, continue reading this article as I list the 7 best shopfitting strategies for continued revenue growth. Implement these in your Melbourne store and you’ll see a sales increase, regardless of the season.

1. Appeal to all senses of the customer

I have no doubt that you are diligent on your shopfitting displays and visual merchandising. But, while you may have attractive looking products and great lighting, you’re still appealing to only one of the senses of your customers.

By appealing to all 5 senses of the customer, you’re sure to see better growth.

Add multiple elements to your shopfitting displays to stimulate customer’s senses. Pair visually appealing displays with perfume displays, hold out food samples, allow customers to touch products and play soft, cheerful music. By stimulating your customer’s senses, you’ll make them stay longer and spend more in your store.

Remember not to only make your displays seasonal – they have to appeal to the senses throughout the year.

If you’re not quite sure how to approach this, talk to a Melbourne shopfitting company about adding these elements to your shopfitting displays.

2. Spend more on advertising

If sales have slowed down in the post-holiday season then you’re probably considering cutting down on marketing. However, let me tell you that you shouldn’t. Right now, is the best time to be advertising – when the competition is high and consumer spend is low. This is the basic rule of advertising and marketing.

Use in-store advertising effectively. Announce your best deals and offers both inside and outside your store.

I suggest that you contact a Melbourne shopfitting company to suggest advertising options for your storefront as also within your store. Advertising never goes to waste – if you’re really offering a great deal, you’ll see customers even after the holidays.

3. Use social media

One of the easiest ways you can reach out to potential customers – even beyond Melbourne – is through social media. If you have a social media account and you actively post offers, new arrivals and specials, you’ll surely be given a popularity boost.

To use social media effectively you need to make sure you have a steady and continuous stream of activity. If you are not consistent with your activity, customers will think that you only come online when your sales are down.

Effective use of social media will keep you in the mind of customers and they’ll head to you first whenever they need a purchase.

4. Encourage impulse buys

Don’t you just love it when a customer makes an unplanned purchase at your store? I’m sure you do. I’d also like to tell you that shopfitters use several tricks to encourage impulse buys.

For example, in supermarkets, Melbourne shopfitters include shelves and countertop display by the sale counters. These spaces are stocked with chocolates, sweets and other tempting items that customers casually pick up.

Impulse buys can be encouraged in every retail sector, not just in supermarkets. Make sure that your store has plenty of shelves, countertops and display units all over. Mix up your bestselling products near high value products and you’ll see great revenue growth.

Your store fittings must be in place so that you can arrange and stock your products in this manner. Talk to a local shopfitting company about implementing such fittings around your store.

5. Update your signage

I’m sure you use signage in your store. Of course, who doesn’t? But let me ask you one thing – when was the last time you updated your signage? Was it recently or a year or two ago?

If you haven’t been updating your signage frequently, then you’re not making good use of it. Depending on your particular business, you should update your signage at least every week or every fortnight. If you think that designing and printing the amount of signage is too expensive for your budget, you can always start off with simple hand written signs.

You may need the services of a Melbourne shopfitting company to help you with your signage requirements. Talk to your shopfitters about how they can best help you implement your signage so that your business sees better growth.

6. Use thematic window displays

Whatever type of store you own, investing in eye-catching window displays is a must. I’m sure you already have a window display in place. But, as a shopfitter, I guarantee you’ll see better revenue growth if you use thematic window displays.

Consider how little time you have to grab the attention of a person walking past your store. Now, if that person sees a window display that has no coherent theme and random products, he or she may not be interested enough to stop and have a closer look. You will however, draw the attention of many more people through thematic window displays.

If you’re storefront is poorly designed or too small for you to maximise the potential of your window displays then contact a Melbourne shopfitting company immediately. You are missing out on potential customers and lost revenue.

7. Make quick fixes to your store interiors

In doing what I do, I’ve come to realise that customers get bored seeing the same interiors (fitout) used across different stores. If your fitout is not unique and reminds customers of another store, then you’re losing out on good business.

I recommend you to make quick fixes to your fitout to avoid what I refer to as ‘sameness’. Quick fixes are cheap and easy to implement and they can offer tremendous benefits. Without spending a massive amount of cash, you can use quick fixes to get the most out of your store.

This is where experienced Melbourne shopfitters, like those we have here at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, are required. Whether you require a quick fix or a complete fitout overhaul, our shopfitters can handle all types of requests.

We boast a skilled team of shopfitters who can offer great tips on how to make your fitout work for you.

Take a look at our portfolio of successful projects and you’ll see why we’re considered to be the best in the business.

There you have it – these were my 7 best shopfitting strategies for continued growth. If you’d like more information on how to improve profits, visit the Queensland Government’s Business and Industry Portal. While this website relates to Queensland businesses and not Victorian businesses, it is till contains very useful information that you can apply to your business.


There are quite a few strategies that can help your business achieve continuous revenue growth even after the holidays. Your displays must appeal to all senses of your customers and you should use thematic window displays. Consider increasing your advertising budget and update your signage frequently. Use social media effectively and encourage impulse buys. Finally, make quick fixes to your store interiors so it stands out from the competition.

Melbourne shopfitters have successfully used these tactics for several decades to achieve continued revenue growth, regardless of the season.

To hire the best shopfitters in Melbourne, get in touch with us at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. Drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to discuss your retail fitout requirements.

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