4 life-changing shopfitting tricks to make your store look bigger

Starting a new retail business takes a lot of courage – and money. To be successful you need to ensure you lease a retail space that will get a lot of exposure; yet to pay for your lease you must be successful. One of the most common choices new retailers make is to lease a small store in a popular location, such as a shopping centre or city street. This way you can have both a good location and lower rental costs.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) just released the retail trade figures, which showed retail turnover rose just 0.1% in June 2016, down from a 0.2% rise in May 2016. With such little turnover increase and only a small store to work with, you may think you are fighting a losing battle. Thankfully, as Gold Coast shopfitting experts we can help!

make your store look bigger

I’ve been part of the Australia shopfitting industry for well over two decades now. As such, it is fair to say that I know a good deal about what works and what does not. Today, I will offer you some useful tips and tricks on how to make a small store appear bigger. This in turn will maximise your investment and your returns. So listen up!

1. Add light to your space

One of my personal favourites – the proper use of lighting has really made a huge difference in the smaller retail fitouts that I have worked on. This is because reflected light makes a space appear larger than it is.

In many of my Gold Coast shopfitting projects, I’ve used natural light from windows coupled with mirrors and artificial lights to good effect. Always ensure that your store is well lit, especially if it is small.

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2. De-clutter

I am sure you are aware that clutter makes any space look messy and much smaller than what it really is. That is why I always like to keep things simple and efficient by choosing the right shopfittings in my fitouts. Arrange displays neatly and in an organised manner so that nothing clutters up space.

In case you find your displays to be filled with items you really do not need to display, it is time to de-clutter. De-cluttering your store will automatically make your space appear larger and more spacious.

3. Colour your walls wisely

At Xtreme, I have completed countess Gold Coast shopfitting projects – for both big and small spaces. With every small space that I fitout, special attention is placed on colour. The walls of small spaces simply must always be coloured with light shades.

Not only do light colours give a bright appearance, they also reflect more light, making your space look roomier. You can also make use of light coloured rugs or floor coverings to create a great all-round effect.

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4. Use vertical space

Every retail store needs displays – every Gold Coast shopfitting expert will tell you that. However, standard displays can take up a lot of space. Instead of going for standard displays as suggested by most, you can get creative and use vertical space.

In the majority of my retail shopfitting projects, I make use of shelves, hangers and ceiling to floor fixtures to create a great illusion of space. Talk to us about how your vertical space can be used best.

5. Keep furnishings sparse

Along with using vertical space wisely, I always advise our clients to keep their furnishings sparse. A smaller space needs to be smartly furnished for it to appear bigger.

Your furniture should suit the size of your room and blend in with your displays seamlessly. Furnish sparsely, so that a tight space does not appear to be even tighter.


If you’re anything like most retailers, you’re probably wondering how to make the best of a small space. You can consider several tricks – adding lighting, de-cluttering, using light and bright colour schemes, using vertical space and keeping furnishings sparse. These seemingly simple tricks will optimise space and make any place appear roomier. I have successfully used these techniques across several of our Gold Coast shopfitting projects.

For help with your retail shopfitting needs on the Gold Coast, drop me an email at [email protected]. I’d love to be of your assistance!

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