16 tips to skyrocket your retail sales

skyrocket your retail sales

Australian retailers are certainly facing a tough time. The entry of global retail chains and the rise of online shopping has only contributed to the decline of traditional retailers. While many retailers have been driven out of business, others are struggling to adapt to changing times.

For instance, the last few months have been terrible for Australia’s fashion industry with local clothing brands dropping like flies. First it was Payless Shoes and Pumpkin Patch, then Marcs and David Lawrence and now fashion labels Herringbone and Rhodes & Beckett too have entered voluntary administration.

While the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported a 3.2% growth year-on-year in December 2016 compared with December 2015, it seems that many local clothing retailers simply cannot compete with the rise of global chains. Chains such as Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and Topshop are offering trending fashion at bargain prices, forcing the older labels to adapt or die.

So, the question is, what do you do to adapt? As a shopfitter who specialises in retail shop fittings in Brisbane I’m here to help you out.

Continue reading this post as I list 16 tips you can use to skyrocket your retail sales, even in today’s competitive climate. Hopefully these tips will allow you to not only increase your sales, but to also compete with the larger global retailers.

1. Host special nights

Hosting special nights is a great way for stores to attract more customers and drive sales. For example, some retailers in Brisbane host ‘freebie nights’, wherein a free gift is given to every customer making a purchase. Other retailers host ‘trade-in nights’, where customers are allowed to exchange old goods to avail of discounts on new purchases. Try any of these, or come up with your own creative idea of hosting something special.

2. Express checkout counters

Providing customers with express checkout counters will really make your customers love you. By providing a dedicated counter for customers who make purchases over a certain amount is very appealing. Moreover, it’s also a great tactic to subtly nudge customers into making purchases over the required amount. This is something that we, at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, have implemented in several of our retail fitouts in Brisbane.

3. Charitable donations

I’m sure you’ve noticed when a retailer donates a certain percentage of your purchases to charity. While this is a charitable move on behalf of the business, it is also a great way to nudge customers into making larger purchases. Moreover, it is a win-win situation for all – you make more sales while your customers will feel good as they are contributing to a noble cause.

4. Memberships

Some of the most successful retailers in Brisbane offer memberships to customers who make purchases over a specified amount. This works great in increasing customer loyalty and driving more sales. You can also offer memberships including special coupons, newsletters, special hours and other exciting deals.

5. Personalised shopping experience

At Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, I always advise our retail clients to offer a personalised shopping experience to their customers – this is something I harp on about in many of my blogs. You can do this in several ways, including having dedicated concierge desks or by including display screens to assist customers in making purchases. Talk to your retail shop fitting company and ensure these are included in your fitout.

6. Themed displays

Themed displays are not only great to look at, but they also encourage customers to buy natural add-on products. Themed displays can be used across festive seasons and even otherwise. Shopfitters who specialise in retail shop fittings in Brisbane can help you create attractive themed displays.

7. Changing displays in high traffic areas

If there’s one thing that retail customers hate – it’s seeing the same products in-store over and over again. By changing your displays in high traffic areas frequently, you can give your customers a reason to return more frequently.

8. Accented lighting

Here, at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery, we often make use of accented lighting in of our retail shop fitouts. Accented lighting allows featured products to stand out from the rest and they also create visual interest in shoppers.

9. Use colours

As with lighting, colours can also be used to create a visually appealing atmosphere in retail stores. Bright colours can easily draw a customer’s attention to featured products. The right colour scheme, combined with great lighting is a great way to attract customers and create focal points. Again, shopfitters who offer retail shop fittings in Brisbane can help you choose the right colour scheme for your store.

10. Clear messaging

Many retail stores drive customers away because there is far too much verbiage in their messaging. Don’t make this mistake. You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your customers, so keep your messaging clear and concise.

11. Storefront

Too many retailers simply focus on their store interiors without paying much attention to their storefront and exteriors. If your store looks unattractive from the outside, chances are that potential customers will just walk past without bothering to step inside. Make sure that your shopfront, signage, window displays and sidewalks look visually appealing. Shopfitters who specialise in retail shop fittings in Brisbane can help you create attractive store exteriors.

12. Maintain your fixtures

It’s no use offering the best products at the best prices if your fixtures, sign holders or sales counters are dirty or damaged. You’ll never entice customers unless you maintain your fixtures. Trust me – any shopfitter will tell you this.

13. Make things easy for customers

Optimise your floor layout, use signage and install effective retail displays to make shopping an easy experience for your customers. Keep your most profitable products at eye-level, while keeping the essentials tucked under. Most shopfitters who offer retail shop fittings in Brisbane will ensure that these principles are followed in your store layout.

14. Keep your space organised and clean

An unkempt and unorganised store is sure to drive away customers in hordes. It gives off an impression that you don’t care for them and consequently, they won’t care for you either. Ensure that your retail space is always kept clean and organised.

15. Establish relationships with customers

The biggest retailers globally do not simply sell products. Rather, they establish meaningful relationships with their customers. Take the examples of McDonald’s and Coca Cola – they’re great at entertaining customers with stories. You should look to do the same with your customers and you’ll soon see your sales numbers rising.

16. Use technology

Technology can really help you offer a unique shopping experience to your customers. For example, you can use large digital displays and digital artwork to offer product information and special deals to your customers. These displays look really attractive and moreover, they work really great in encouraging customers to make a purchase.


There are many ways to help skyrocket your retail sales. Some of these include hosting special nights, creating express checkout counters, offering charitable donations, offering memberships, personalising the shopping experience, creating themed displays, changing displays frequently, using accented lighting, clear messaging, making store exteriors attractive, maintaining fixtures, making shopping easy for customers, using the right colour scheme, using technology and establishing relationships with customers. These have all been successfully implemented by retailers in Australia, as also worldwide.

While you can implement most of these on your own, you’ll require the assistance of shopfitters for the others.

For experienced shopfitters who specialise in retail fitouts in Brisbane, consider none other than us at Xtreme Shopfitting & Joinery. We have over 30 years of experience in creating effective retail fitouts that drive sales and we’d love to do the same for you.

Give us a call at (07) 5564 7525 to discuss your retail fitout requirements today!

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